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About our trust

Welcome to the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust, a multi-academy trust comprising twelve school members and a central services team that operates throughout the year. Our trust is founded on the values of international cooperation, and we are committed to creating a global community of individuals who share our values and flourish together.

We take pride in our proven track record of school improvement, achieved through a commitment to collaboration and ethical principles. Our trust operates within an open and transparent framework that emphasises co-operation and empowers all stakeholders to have a voice in our decision-making. We prioritise the interests of students, parents, teachers, and staff alike and work tirelessly to ensure that everyone feels valued and heard. Whether it’s through gathering feedback, involving stakeholders in decision-making, or fostering open communication, we believe that a genuine partnership between all members of our family of schools is key to achieving success.

Our commitment to autonomy is reflected in our strong local governing bodies that include parental, staff and community representation. This ensures that the schools in our trust have the independence they need to thrive while being supported by each other and the trust’s central team. We invite you to join us in our mission to provide a world-class education that’s rooted in cooperation and our shared values.

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