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Meet our central team

The central team plays an indispensable role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Trust as a whole, and their unwavering dedication is truly commendable. Our central team's purpose is to provide guidance, support and services in key areas such as school improvement, human resources, finance, estate management and information communications technology (ICT).

Their efforts extend across the entirety of the Trust, and their hard work is essential to providing support to the network of twelve member schools. Without the team’s tireless contributions, we would be unable to fulfill our mission of delivering high-quality education to our students.

We also acknowledge and appreciate the crucial role all staff throughout our Trust play in the success of our students and of our organisation.


Paul Griffiths
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the successful operation of the Trust, taking account of the primary objective of providing the best opportunities for all pupils, whatever their background, to fulfil their potential together with continuing school improvement for all the schools within the Trust. They line manage the central team and develop policy and practice throughout, supporting effective services and championing governance. They act as the Accounting Officer.

Louise Coates
Deputy CEO

The Deputy CEO works with the CEO, in the line management of schools, and the taking of responsibility for the development and implementation of strands of the school improvement agenda, policies, and practices of the Trust. They work with the Trust School Improvement Advisor and Consultant Headteacher to implement recommendations to support the move towards outstanding. They deputise for the CEO in their absence.

Direct School Support

Andrew Hook
Trust School Improvement Advisor

The Trust School Improvement Advisor work with schools to evaluate practice and procedures and support school improvement towards outstanding. They work as part of the school improvement team, along with the Deputy CEO. They are accountable directly to the CEO and also play a role in the policy and practice development within the Trust.

Sharon Jenner
Executive Headteacher Secondary
Mary Brice
Family Liaison Manager
Kelly Jones
Trust Strategic Lead for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
Aimee Bray
Strategic Lead

The Trust Strategic Lead works with schools across all phases to support, develop and evaluate school improvement relating to the quality of education. They lead on assessment as well as provision for disadvantaged pupils across the Trust. As part of the central team, they lead on risk management as well as supporting the development of policy and practice. They work as part of the school improvement team and are accountable to the Deputy CEO. 


Human Resources

Louise Guy
Director of Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for overseeing HR systems, handling employee relations, ensuring compliance with regulations and policies, assessing staffing needs, recruitment, and supporting the design of training programmes.


Paula Lomas
Chief Finance Officer

The Chief Finance Officers (CFO) ensure that the Trustees comply with their obligations and responsibilities as set out by the ESFA in the latest version of the Academy Trust Handbook. They advise and support the CEO as the Trust Accounting Officer, ensuring financial procedures are compliant with the Academy Trust Handbook and Companies House requirements. They operate under appropriate schemes of delegation which follow best practice in all aspects of financial governance. They work with schools to ensure probity in planning and spend.


Janet Clark
Chief Operations Officer

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Jeff Howson
IT Consultant

Providing support and advice to the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust

Central trust vacancies