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Our vision, mission, purpose and values

Our schools work collaboratively to fulfil the potential of our students. Our staff are supported effectively to grow as educators within our trust. Our trust invests intellectually and emotionally with both staff and pupils. Our professional development process ensures that the co-operative values are embedded in all our schools and their communities.

Our priority is for children and young people to feel safe, supported and able to flourish on their learning journey.

Paul Griffiths, CEO.

Our vision

Our vision is for a global community of values-driven individuals who, together, flourish.

We strive to provide our pupils with a global perspective and empower them to see their place as active citizens in a democratic society.

Our mission

Our trust upholds the co-operative values in local community partnerships that focus on rapidly improving educational standards for pupils in all our schools. Our aim is to prepare pupils to be resilient and capable of fulfilling their potential in a rapidly changing world.

Our purpose

We empower our schools and our local governing bodies to reflect their local context. We provide our schools with strong central school improvement support, strategic planning and high-quality support services. Our core method of delivering education in the local communities we serve is based on a strong commitment to inclusion, diversity and child-centred education.

Our values

The co-operative values are universally recognised across the globe and govern our trust’s actions.

As individuals, we have our own core characteristics, such as resourcefulness, confidence, resilience, and commitment, the ability to form relationships, to reflect on the impact of our actions. Our personal characteristics are the foundation that enables us to live by the co-operative values, incorporating the ethical values of caring for others, honesty, openness and social responsibility in running our schools.

The Osborne Trust values aren’t just a set of laminated words that you put on the wall, they are lived values that people strive to live up to.

Ben Akande, Deputy Headteacher at Thames Park Secondary School.

Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust upholds the international co-operative values of:

  • Self-help
    Encouraging all within the organisation to help each other, by working together to gain mutual benefits. Helping people to help themselves.
  • Self-responsibility
    To take responsibility for, and answer to, our actions.
  • Democracy
    Our stakeholders have a say in the way we run our schools.
  • Equality
    Equal rights and benefits for all stakeholders.
  • Equity
    Being fair and unbiased.
  • Solidarity
    Supporting each other.

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