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Gender pay gap in our Trust

Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust as an employer is required by law to carry out Gender Pay Gap Reporting in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

The overall gender pay gap is defined as the difference between the mean (average) or median (actual midpoint) hourly rate of pay of male and female employees.

Work on removing the Gender Pay Gap

We are dedicated to fostering equality, diversity, and inclusion within our workforce. We strive to eliminate unlawful discrimination and create an environment where every employee feels respected and empowered to contribute their best.

Our Equality and Diversity Policy covers all workgroups protected under the Equality Act 2010. It includes a specific section addressing equality and pay. Regular reviews ensure that the policy remains current, and we actively seek input from our competent advisors and unions regarding any necessary revisions. We believe that promoting equality, respecting individual differences, and valuing contributions from all staff members are essential for a thriving workplace.

Together, we work towards a future where everyone is treated fairly and has equal opportunities for growth and success.

The Trust has a Pay Policy which provides transparency in respect of pay. The policy aligns with the guidelines outlined in the School Teachers’ Pay & Conditions Document (STPCD) for teaching staff and adheres to the terms and conditions set by the National Joint Council for support staff.

Within the Trust, we offer professional development opportunities that are closely aligned with a robust professional development procedure, our Trust strategy, and individual career aspirations. Additionally, we do not implement performance-related pay, ensuring that all staff members have equal chances to advance through the nationally recognised pay scales.

Our flexible working policy is widely used and allows staff to continue to work in upper quartile roles, with flexibility to support a family friendly approach. Both female and male staff have had the opportunity to be employed in leadership positions on a part time contract when they have requested it. More recent examples include job-share opportunities at senior levels include a Co-Headship.

Please read our gender pay gap data review documents below.

Gender pay gap data review documents